Outsourcing Production Helps Businesses Improve Efficiencies, Lower Costs


As an ISO certified manufacturing facility, Edgar James helps businesses expand their services without taking on the expense of additional square footage and staffing. Essentially, Edgar James acts as the production, inventory and shipping/receiving departments, streamlining production and positively impacting the bottom line for our customers.

As an example of this product fulfillment service, EJ contracts with an east coast company in the concrete and cement industry to package and ship a curing and binding agent to their customers in the western half of the country.

When one of their customers places an order, a copy of that Purchase Order is sent to us for fulfillment. That includes reviewing the PO for accuracy, and understanding the customer’s request, such as expected delivery time, number of units sold, billing information, shipping location, etc.

Once the PO is reviewed and entered into our Production Schedule, the real work begins. The product is separated, weighed and individually packaged into bio-degradable bags. After inspection by the Quality Assurance lead, the bags are shrink wrapped to pallets and a freight company is contacted for pickup and delivery to the purchasing concrete company. Our customer back east had minimal involvement and minimal costs in the production of the product, while their customer, the concrete company, received just what they ordered on time.
Edgar James benefits by providing a job consisting of many varied job skill requirements for our diversified base of employees; the employees benefit by earning a paycheck, self-respect, job skills and vocational training; and the customer benefits by reducing the overhead costs associated with production, warehousing and shipping/receiving.  A true trifecta!

Quality with a Purpose When you shop Edgar James, more than 90 cents of every dollar spent helps Goodwill educate and employ people with disabilities or other barriers to employment.